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About us

The Clifton Business Consultancy Limited have been helping clients navigate complex financial markets for 30 years, and from those very early days our business has evolved primarily through client recommendations.

Our wide-ranging specialist services enable us to identify the areas where clients require expert advice and then provide individual solutions, which exactly match their objectives.

We have no financial link with any insurance company, investment house, bank or building society, and can therefore research and select from the whole market in order to provide the most competitive and comprehensive solution to meet our clients' needs – whether you are seeking to build an investment portfolio or creating a tax-efficient retirement strategy, we have the expertise to provide the answer.

How do we operate?

At The Clifton Business Consultancy Limited, the needs of the customer, whether corporate or private, come first. We are happy to provide the relevant service that most appropriately meets the established needs. We follow a well-proven process that enables both the adviser and client to assess the current situation and to create a plan to meet the needs established going forward. We firmly believe in the importance of working together to build rewarding relationships and working closely with our clients enables us to help them fulfil and achieve their objectives.

Our final proposals are well-researched and constructed on the basis of what's best for our clients and nobody else. And, of course, we are prepared to work alongside our client's accountants and solicitors. The whole process is documented below.

Lifestyle Planning

Lifestyle planning and a comprehensive fact find is the most vital part of the process. It is where the adviser and the client discuss, face to face, the current situation, the aims and ambitions and agree the financial goals and objectives of the client. The outputs of this discussion are documented and the financial goals agreed upon.

Research and Report

Our adviser will then take the information gathered at the lifestyle planning and fact find stage and develop a comprehensive report that lays out the initial information and the financial goals. Taking this one step further the report will then draw conclusions on how the client can potentially reach those goals. Having completed this section of the report, it will then recommend solutions for the client. This may involve using products selected after careful and impartial research. At all stages meeting the needs of the client is paramount.


If, after reading the report the client is happy to proceed with the recommendations, the adviser will then help implement them. This will involve a number of actions, depending on the solutions offered.

Confirmation of implementation

Written confirmation would be provided to keep the client informed on the completion of the solution.

Ongoing service

An individually tailored regular review to maintain focus on the achievement of the goals set.

How are we remunerated?

There's a saying that goes, 'People don't plan to fail, but they do fail to plan.' Setting lifetime goals is all about starting with the end in mind – thinking about the outcomes you are hoping for. If you are clear about what you want to achieve, it will help you make the right decisions.

Will you achieve your lifetime goals?

To make the right decisions you need to be confident that you are obtaining professional financial advice. Our aim is to help you develop your financial plans to ensure you achieve your lifetime goals, whether you want investment advice or advice about retirement planning. So we have been investing in higher qualifications over the past few years and are introducing more transparent ways of charging for our services.

Greater investment of our time and resources

We've also been investing more of our time and resources into ensuring that we comply with the rules, known as the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so that you fully understand the charges and process we offer for giving financial advice.

You can expect from us: transparent charges, higher qualifications for advisers and clearer distinctions between the different types of advice.

The confidence our clients have come to expect

You will know exactly what you are paying for and receive clarity about our advice. This provides you with the transparent charges and confidence that our clients have come to expect from us when paying for advice.

At The Clifton Business Consultancy Limited, we believe in offering the greatest flexibility to our clients in paying for our services. We offer a number of options that are detailed below:

Fee base

This is a pre-agreed rate for the work to be undertaken. This rate will be agreed at the end of the initial meeting and will depend on the complexity of the work to be undertaken. This fee may be subject to Value Added Tax. The fee will be agreed prior to the lifestyle meeting and any report and recommendation being submitted to the client.


If there is any implementation of a product for the solution to the clients needs, they may choose for us to be remunerated by fees deducted from the product.

Although the fee may vary, it will follow our underlying philosophy on fees, which is:

To be clear and simple at all times – our fee structure is uncomplicated and easy to quantify.

To offer value for money – we believe that our fees are competitive when compared to other advisers for similar services and products.

To be impartial and independent of provider, product or service - we will always choose the right product for your circumstances.

You can pay any fee to arrange or implement a new service or product direct to us from your own resources or it may be possible to facilitate the payment of this fee to us from the product or service itself.

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